Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Untidiness, My Mess

Click clucking on an other level
kinda clever.
Like the house on the rock
Where we used to play as children on the dock.

I remember the rain smashing on my face
ripping down my painted illusions of myself.
I regain my innosence in the wilderness of the weather.

Im thrown to the right, to that big sphere
where nothing is good nor white-
black or a dim shade in the night.

Click , clacking in a blue dress,
untidiness, my mess.

Yes I am an aethiest,
merely a wicked storm can rest my soul.
Tear me of the ground
Start another round.
Where I am not a male, nor a female
Just a thick whale tracing the midnight sun.

Click, clucking around the untidiness, my mess.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

frábær texti sæta mín!
úff og klikkaður bílstjóri, oh my god!!!!!

10:24 PM  

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