Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hun a afmaeli i dag...
Eg vil gjarna oska fallegustu konu sem eg thekki innilega til hamingju med afmaelis daginn.
Modir min.
Tilhamingju med daginn yndislegust!
Sendi tusund kossa og fadmlog .
Tu ert dasamleg, elska tig. Thessi ljod eru gjof min til tin.
Tin Anna B

Ps Er lasin i tungum tonkum og ljodasmid.

The Sahara winds blew to Athens
Filled the windows
with a mist
A mystic kiss

The swimming pool is full of
footsteps taken
by the herds in Africa
In Sahara

They blew red , and
dark brown winds
cherished memories
of naked women and stars

Sahara , wait, here I come.

So easy it flows
wicked and pure
Coming from a place I do not know.

Who sends these words
who will fix the cords
I am not the doer
Marely the bearer of a purpose - still unknown.

The child in Rio

The crippled man running by the bus,
three year old children
on the road
See the way I hold these three oranges.

Oh dear sir, give me
just a moment or two
I'm sure these coins you hold
mean nothing to you.

For me they are water
they are breath
Please dear maddam
see how well I've trained to smile.
Just give me a moment of your time.

I'm still Alive, I'm still Alive.

Tomorrow I may be gone.
Gone to the smoky world I came from.
Where I picked the wrong deal.

I didn't choose to be poor,
to be hit by my father,
to be shattered in my core.

Please little boy, give me whatever you've got
I'm sure your daddy will give you more.
More than i'll ever have,
Please mister,
im tired of the way they stare.

Morning butter

Silence, stillness
tickles in the sun
all is done

You are the alfa,
the O
You are the one I want to know
Know till the end of me
untill the stillness of my destiny.

Laughter, joy,
feltpens drawing a perfect future
A road full of caramels and yoga.

You knew it too.
We had those crystal moments
coming through
In the crowd we silenced the sounds.

The sounds echoed on the mats.
I want you, you want me
For moral reasons
nothing then could be.

The session is calling,
yet I can not go.
I want to hold your eyes,
your hand
your soul.

Where was your courage
when I needed it the most?
I'm the melting butter
on your morning toast.

That final moment
that we shared
STILL in that moving crowd.

I felt peace
Joy and birds
flying inside of me.
Unsettling me
Until you will be mine again.

Are you one in the
Athens crowd
Are you one of the
gipsy children shouting out loud.

Whith your faces dirty
with your clothes torn
YOur tender fingers
Your rigid souls
A thousand years old.

This is the way your parents
trained you to be
For they once before
had your destiny.

No matter what you say
now or some other distant day
You will raise your unborn child
this way.

No matter how I scream
The words I try
to use to brake this chain.

Life laughes at me
reminds me without this way
Who would sell flowers on the crowded road
Where would all the colourful gipsy skirts go?
What is will be , it has a purpose/
It was decorated by me.

Broken Highway

A woman with a scarred face,
dirty glassess
on that packed highway.

WHy couldn't he see?
Without them you are doomed.
A fool.

So he crashed
Crashed on a truck
Broke his back and spine.
Crack the woman in the truck.
She is never coming back.

It's noon.
She'll never hear the humming of the bees.
Will never see
Nor accept my apologies.

YOu lie on a bed
on a white sheet.
Covered with blood
White bones coming out
of your once so wholesome skin/

You're pieces
human traces
stuck un the ground.
Yet your spirit soars around.

Tied to that crystal chord
We use to escape to othe worlds
we dont know.

I guess your sleep walking,
I wish I could just hear you talking
once again.
See the sparkle in your eyes.
The way you said those funny lines.

Why did life take you this way.
Because of glasses you will
never walk again.

You will be sleep walking
around yourself until
you have the courage
to leave me forever.

Before you go
Visit my world in your dreams.
Relief me of these heavy stones of sorrow.
I don't want to face tomorrow.

I have given you all my strength
All I have left is pain.

Paint me a picture of a butterfly
and curess my cheek
Then I wont mind that you can't speak
For I saw you in my sleep.


Blogger D. said...

"The swimming pool is full of
footsteps taken
by the herds in Africa
In Sahara"

Now,that was inspired ;-)

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Til hamingju með afmælið Ingibjörg

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hæ skvís!!
Vildi bara kvitta fyrir komu mína :)
Frábært að þú hefur það gott :)

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Elsku Anna Birta min.. hlakka svo til ad fa thig heim:) Takk fyrir sms-id;) Til hamingju med mömmu...

Kvedja Ester Sturlud.

10:13 AM  

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